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[Popcon-developers] Re: Forgot to approve messages, ~500 messages waiting for approval

[Bill Allombert]
> I am unsure how you based this expectation. Do you know I am listed
> as an uploader for the 'popularity-contest' whose maintainer field
> post to this manling-list ? Believe it or not I am subscribed to
> this list so in theory I could read email sent to
> <popularity-contest@packages.debian.org>.

I am aware that there are several subscribers, but that is not the
same as several readers.  I am subscribed to several mailing lists
which I rarely read, due to the volume of email I receive.

Based on the lack of response from the postings on the list, I
concluded that there were few regular readers of the list.

> In practice you got a monopoly on this address due to the moderation
> setup.

I fail to parse this.  Please elaborate.  I do not want a monopoly on
any address, so if this can be changed, I am happy to help.

> I was officialy on vacation from 1/07 to 17/07, see debian-private.
> I can assure you it is not especially convenient to receive 164
> outdated emails during this period of time.

It was not convenient for me either, but I saw no good alternative if
we wanted the mails to make it to the mailing list archive and
subscribers.  What did you want me to do with the emails?  Throw them
away?  Reject them?

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