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Bug#917995: debian-policy: drop section 1.6 Translations

Sean Whitton writes:
> On Wed 02 Jan 2019 at 12:29pm +0900, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
>> I hereby propose to drop section 1.6 Translations and the following
>> sentence: "When translations of this document into languages other
>> than English disagree with the English text, the English text takes
>> precedence."
> (Procedural note: while of course discussion of section 1.6 is welcome,
> it's a matter for Policy Editor discretion exactly how translations are
> handled.)

Well, all of policy handling is under the Policy Editor's discretion.

>> If it is wrongly translated, then the English text probably isn't
>> clear enough (otherwise the translation would have the same meaning)
>> and would need to be clarified anyway to avoid being ambigious.  Even
>> if not, the same process can be used to clarify the meaning of
>> non-English versions.
>> There should be no need to put one language over others.
> The thought is that that English text receives much greater scrunity,
> both because patches get reviewed by several people, and because more
> people read it.  So it is much less likely to have mistakes that
> something that a single person translated.
> Any DD can commit a translation to the repo and it will get published,
> basically.  Not so for changes to the English text.

I see the review process more as generally agreeing on the change; not
every problem will be caught anyway.

Even if there is a mistake in a translation, it's not like someone will
go the prison for following the "wrong" version.  A small enough price
to pay for being a bit more inclusive :)


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