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Bug#917995: debian-policy: drop section 1.6 Translations

Hello Ansgar,

On Wed 02 Jan 2019 at 12:29pm +0900, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:

> I hereby propose to drop section 1.6 Translations and the following
> sentence: "When translations of this document into languages other
> than English disagree with the English text, the English text takes
> precedence."

(Procedural note: while of course discussion of section 1.6 is welcome,
it's a matter for Policy Editor discretion exactly how translations are

> If it is wrongly translated, then the English text probably isn't
> clear enough (otherwise the translation would have the same meaning)
> and would need to be clarified anyway to avoid being ambigious.  Even
> if not, the same process can be used to clarify the meaning of
> non-English versions.
> There should be no need to put one language over others.

The thought is that that English text receives much greater scrunity,
both because patches get reviewed by several people, and because more
people read it.  So it is much less likely to have mistakes that
something that a single person translated.

Any DD can commit a translation to the repo and it will get published,
basically.  Not so for changes to the English text.

Sean Whitton

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