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Re: [DRAFT] Bits from the Policy Team

Sean Whitton writes ("[DRAFT] Bits from the Policy Team"):
> I'm thinking of sending out the following to d-d-a; reviews welcome.
> Thanks to work by Hideki Yamane <henrich>, Ian Jackson <iwj> and myself,

I don't feel the need to be credited, TBH, but if you do want to
credit me by some kind of username/nickname, please credit `Diziet' or
nothing.  (`(Diziet)' or some other syntax?)  I don't much use my
debian.org username.

> While those working on Debian packages have to be able to use English,
> it relieves some cognitive load if contributors are able to read the
> Debian Policy Manual in their native language.

I think you are understating the usefulness of this for downstreams
such as individual users, derivatives, and so on.  (`on Debian
packages' might mean within-Debian or in-Debian-format.)

Translating Policy can make downstream work much easier.


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