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[DRAFT] Bits from the Policy Team


I'm thinking of sending out the following to d-d-a; reviews welcome.



 Translating Policy
 Revamped README & new usertags

Translating Policy

Thanks to work by Hideki Yamane <henrich>, Ian Jackson <iwj> and myself,
we have added po4a files such that the Debian Policy Manual is now
translatable.  Please see our README for instructions on how to submit
translations; the process is lightweight.

There are existing translations for old versions of the Policy Manual
floating around.  If you know of one of these, please consider seeing
whether at least parts of it can be included in our repo.

While those working on Debian packages have to be able to use English,
it relieves some cognitive load if contributors are able to read the
Debian Policy Manual in their native language.

It would be particularly nice if we had a Portuguese translation in
place before the Open Day that is to precede DebConf19!

Revamped README & new usertags

Our README has been slimmed down and re-arranged to make it easier to
see how to start contributing.  Please take a look:


In particular, we have now categorised many bugs by complexity.  So if
you want to find a bug that will probably be uncontroversial and is
unlikely to burn you out, that's now much easier to do:



In light of the recent redelegation of the Policy team, the remaining
Policy Editors would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill
Allombert <ballombe> and Andreas Barth <aba> for their contributions
over the years.

For the Policy Editors:
Sean Whitton

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