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Bug#770016: Clarify network access for building packages in main

[Let's leave the problem of d-i aside for the moment. I suppose it'll require a special exception in Policy, at least for the time being.]

* Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org>, 2014-11-24, 10:21:
I wonder if it should be turned into "the package must not rely on external access network to build correctly".

That's better than nothing, but...

A package that checks if network access is available, and run more tests if it's the case, could be fine.

I, for one, would consider my package RC buggy if it tried to use external network, even if such access had no influence on the resulting binary packages.

I do appreciate that having tests that require network connectivity is useful for some packages. We could add an option for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS to let users opt-in for such tests.

Jakub Wilk

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