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Bug#770016: Clarify network access for building packages in main

On Sun, 23 Nov 2014, Bill Allombert wrote:
> --- a/policy.sgml
> +++ b/policy.sgml
> @@ -1928,12 +1928,16 @@ zope.
>  	  impossible to auto-compile that package and also makes it hard
>  	  for other people to reproduce the same binary package, all
>  	  required targets must be non-interactive.  It also follows that
>  	  any target that these targets depend on must also be
>  	  non-interactive.
>  	</p>
> +	<p>
> +          For packages in the main archive, no required targets
> +          may attempt network access.
> +	</p>
>  	<p>
>  	  The targets are as follows:
>  	  <taglist>
>  	    <tag><tt>build</tt> (required)</tag>
>  	    <item>

This is something we want for multiple reasons, but have we already fixed
all instances of, e.g., validating sgml/xml parsers trying to fetch DTDs or
schemas during documentation build ?  Or other network access attempts that
don't fail a build (and helpfully don't modify it either)?

I worry that we'd might need an intermediate step.

And it is is not just for main, I don't think contrib is supposed to hit the
network during *build*, either.

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