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Bug#720507: .dsc field for dgit [and 1 more messages]

Charles Plessy writes ("Re: Bug#720507: .dsc field for dgit [and 1 more messages]"):
> Here is a simplified patch, written under the assumption of "Dgit" for the
> name.


> I made the following changes:
> [stuff]

Right.  That all sounds excellent thanks.

(However, did you edit the diff by hand ?  I tried to apply it so I
could read the formatted copy and failed.  I have attached a fixed


diff --git a/policy.sgml b/policy.sgml
index 5760a3f..79ebc68 100644
--- a/policy.sgml
+++ b/policy.sgml
@@ -2751,6 +2751,7 @@ Package: libc6
 	  <item><qref id="f-DM-Upload-Allowed"><tt>DM-Upload-Allowed</tt></qref></item>
 	  <item><qref id="f-Homepage"><tt>Homepage</tt></qref></item>
 	  <item><qref id="f-VCS-fields"><tt>Vcs-Browser</tt>, <tt>Vcs-Git</tt>, et al.</qref></item>
+	  <item><qref id="f-Dgit"><tt>Dgit</tt></qref></item>
 	  <item><qref id="f-Standards-Version"><tt>Standards-Version</tt></qref> (recommended)</item>
 	  <item><qref id="sourcebinarydeps"><tt>Build-Depends</tt> et al</qref></item>
 	  <item><qref id="f-Checksums"><tt>Checksums-Sha1</tt>
@@ -3812,6 +3813,26 @@ Checksums-Sha256:
+       <sect1 id="f-Dgit">
+	 <heading><tt>Dgit</tt></heading>
+	 <p>
+	   Folded field containing a single git commit hash, presented in
+	   full, followed optionally by whitespace and other data to be
+	   defined in future extensions.
+	 </p>
+	 <p>
+	   Declares that the source package corresponds exactly to a
+	   referenced commit in a Git repository available at the canonical
+	   location called <em>dgit-repos</em>, used by <prgn>dgit</prgn>, a
+	   bidirectional gateway between the Debian archive and Git.  The
+	   commit is reachable from at least one reference whose name matches
+	   <tt>refs/dgit/*</tt>.  See the manual page of <prgn>dgit</prgn> for
+	   further details.
+	 </p>
+       </sect1>

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