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Bug#720507: .dsc field for dgit

Charles Plessy wrote:
> About the specification of the commit hash: why is it not needed for a package
> uploaded to a given suite, that the commit is reachable in refs/dgit/suite ?

AIUI this is because packages move between suites in the archive without
that move necessarily being immediately reflected in a git repository.
Also because dgit doesn't need that invariant to work properly.

> Also, what kind of commits in dgit repository are not reachable in refs/dgit/* ?

Ones in refs/heads/master or refs/tags/ for example.

> Lastly, in case of the dgit repositories would move from the Alioth project
> 'dgit-repos' to somewhere else, could you propose a wording that is more
> generic, and that is more explicit on what a 'dgit-repos' is ?

It may be too early to put a MUST in policy that would be
broken if dgit.debian.net went away tomorrow. But I think what Ian is
trying to do here is avoid the archive and dgit.debian.net becoming
inconsistent due to a botched upload, as long as dgit.debian.net continues
to exist and continues to contain a repository for a given package.
It's reasonable to consider such an inconsistency a bug in the package,
unless it somehow turns out to be a bug in dgit.debian.net.

Maybe this is a better way to do that:

	When a git repository exists in the well-known dgit-repos
	location for the package named in <tt>Source</tt>
	(which is currently defined to be
	the commit must be reachable in that repository from at
	least one git ref whose name
	matches <tt>refs/dgit/*</tt> (but not necessarily
	the ref <tt>refs/dgit/</tt><var>suite</var> for the
	suite in which the <file>.dsc</file> is found).

see shy jo

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