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Roadmap to version 3.9.5 or 4.0.0 ?

Dear all,

I would like to read people's opinions on the future update of the Policy.

The largest pieces of work that were suggested recently were the triggers,
multiarch, and the conversion to DocBook XML.

In terms of quantity of work, I think that the documentation of the triggers is
almost done.  This said, the loud silence makes me feel that this work is very
controversal, so I am not sure if it will be part of the Policy anytime soon.

For multiarch, we do not have much material yet.  Therefore, this could be the
next large-scale patch to prepare.

The conversion to XML can be done anytime, but the more patches we have in the
queue, the more work we will have to do to convert them later.

The current changelog contains the following items.

  * Policy: Document the Package-List field.
  * Policy: DM-Upload-Allowed is now obsolete
  * Policy: Checksums-{Sha1,Sha256} are now mandatory
  * Policy: Requirements for udebs are not well documented yet
  * Policy: install-info is run by a dpkg trigger.
  * Policy: Stop recommending to serve HTML documents from /usr/share/doc.
  * debconf_spec: Document the 'escape' capability.
  * virtual-package-names-list: removed mp3-encoder.
  * Clean outdated mentions of dpkg commands in appendix.
  * Remove outdated mention of dselect documentation.
  * Update dak reference from old katie name.
  * Fix typo in 
  * Added a warning in appendix G about diverting conffiles.
  * List build-arch and build-indep with the other required targets in 4.9.
  * Replaced non-standard names of dpkg states by normalised ones.
  * Clarify what is meant by "compressed" in section 10.5. 

Here are possible directions for our future work.

 1) Release 3.9.5 as it is, convert to XML as 4.0.0, and resume the
    normative work.
 2) Same as 1) but skip 3.9.5.
 3) Same as 1) or 2), but close a bunch of low-hanging fruits first.
 4) Work on multi-arch first.

What do you think ?  Do you have other propositions ?

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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