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Bug#669915: debian-policy: §12.2 recommends possibly unneeded dependency (for Wheezy)

tag 669915 pending

Le Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 10:30:27PM +0900, Charles Plessy a écrit :
> Hi Jonathan,
> thanks a lot for your feedback.  Given your extensive modifications
> would you mind if I list you for the wording and me for the seconding ?
> I attached an updated patch that only differs by the addition of a bit
> of markup.

Hi all,

I committed the patch, and the following entry in the upgrade checklist.

  <item>Packages distributing Info documents should use
  <package>install-info</package>'s trigger, and do not need anymore
  to depend on <tt>dpkg (>= 1.15.4) | install-info</tt>.

Have a nice week-end,


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