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Bug#669915: debian-policy: §12.2 recommends possibly unneeded dependency (for Wheezy)

Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> writes:

> Is there another example of programs that are noisy about their
> progress that could be used to make this concrete?

> A quick web search finds bug#508086.  So, maybe:

> 	This means, amongst other things, not passing the
> 	<tt>--verbose</tt> option to <prgn>update-alternatives</prgn>.

Good idea.

>> @@ -3969,8 +3967,7 @@ Checksums-Sha256:
>>  	  Programs called from maintainer scripts should not normally
>>  	  have a path prepended to them. Before installation is
>>  	  started, the package management system checks to see if the
>> -	  programs <prgn>ldconfig</prgn>,
>> -	  <prgn>start-stop-daemon</prgn>, <prgn>install-info</prgn>,
>> +	  programs <prgn>ldconfig</prgn>, <prgn>start-stop-daemon</prgn>,
>>  	  and <prgn>update-rc.d</prgn> can be found via the
>>  	  <tt>PATH</tt> environment variable.

> Trivia: the current list is sh, rm, tar, find, dpkg-deb, ldconfig,
> start-stop-daemon.  I think what you have here is fine.

Although that does imply that we should drop update-rc.d.

> How about something like the following?

> 	<p>
> 	  The install-info program maintains a directory of installed
> 	  info documents in /usr/share/info/dir for the use of info
> 	  readers.  This file must not be included in packages other
> 	  than <package>install-info</package>.
> 	</p>

> 	<p>
> 	  <prgn>install-info</prgn> is automatically invoked when
> 	  appropriate using dpkg triggers.  Packages other than
> 	  <package>install-info</package> <em>should not</em> invoke
> 	  <prgn>install-info</prgn> directly and <em>should not</em>
> 	  depend on, recommend, or suggest <package>install-info</package>
> 	  for this purpose.
> 	</p>

> 	<p>
> 	  Info readers requiring the /usr/share/info/dir file should
> 	  depend on <package>install-info</package>.
> 	</p>

That looks even better.  Also seconded.

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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