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Bug#670429: debian-policy: section tasks is missing


Charles Plessy wrote:

> thank you for your report.  Indeed, the section 'tasks' is missing.
> I have reviewed the current list, and in addition to 'tasks' missing, I found
> that it was not perfectly sorted in alphabetical order.
> --- a/policy.sgml
> +++ b/policy.sgml
> @@ -714,21 +714,62 @@
>  	<p>
>  	  The Debian archive maintainers provide the authoritative
>  	  list of sections.  At present, they are:
> -	  <em>admin</em>, <em>cli-mono</em>, <em>comm</em>, <em>database</em>,
> +<em>admin,
> +cli-mono,
> +comm,

It's a small thing, but this makes the commas italic, which looks
especially strange in the text rendering.  Do we care that the section
names are italic?  My preference would be to make them plain text for

Of course the actual content change (even putting libdevel before
libs) looks good, so I'd second this if I could.

Where is the list of sections published?  Could this list be replaced
with a link, or would that be too unkind to readers without reliable
'net access?


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