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Bug#628515: recommending verbose build logs


On Mon, 28 Nov 2011, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> On the other hand, if you are saying that packagers should not wait
> for any official pronouncement to implement whatever
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose/quiet option they please, then I would agree
> with you.  xz-utils has supported DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=quiet for a while
> now.  However, I thought Matthias was looking for something more
> consistent between packages, like making sure that logs are verbose
> when DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is unset (or making sure that logs are verbose
> when DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose, whatever.  Either way.)

For reference dpkg supports "DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=maintainer-build" that
enables the silent rules and I have an alias "dpkgbuild" that avoids
me to have to type this every time.

Maybe a discussion on -devel would be helpful to try to standardize on a

I also think that it would be more convenient to have the buildd set the
verbose mode and others to have the silent rules by default but I don't
think this is going to take traction. We have quite a few bugreports from
users doing rebuilds and it's best to get verbose build logs in those

That's why I suggest to aim directly for the opposite: verbose by default
and silent with a switch that maintainers can add. Ideally though debuild
would get support for this option and could be taught to set it
via some ~/.devscripts setting.

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