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Bug#628515: recommending verbose build logs

Jakub Wilk wrote:
> * Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>, 2011-11-26, 18:37:

>> I do not suspect there is a
>> consensus for this.
> Why do you think there is not?

I was guessing, it seems incorrectly, based on the lack of seconds
or other discussion on this policy proposal.

>> Some maintainers enjoy reading abbreviated build logs, where error
>> messages and warnings stand out.
> Sure, that's why DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noverbose was proposed.

I personally think that DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose would be better UI,
because the cases where abbreviated build logs are most useful are
during interactive builds (especially interactive builds by novices
who are not accustomed to looking at logs and do not realize they have
a choice about their format but may miss a warning).  In
non-interactive builds, it is easy to set an environment variable.


 - My personal thoughts here don't matter.  I am not a DD.
 - Any spelling of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=verbose or DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=quiet
   would be perfectly fine with me.

It sounds like we are ready for an improved wording?

Thanks for your help,

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