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Bug#648387: [copyright-format] English proofreading.

On Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 11:01:05AM -0600, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> > To consolidate related changes, let's wait however a little
> > for additional propositions.  For instance, I would like to suggest to replace
> > “dash” by “hyphen”

> I disagree here.  Please file separate reports for separate proposals,
> unless the text they affect and subject matter seem to overlap a lot
> and the proposed text is already ready.

> DEP drivers: do these changes look reasonable to you?  Policy
> delegates: does this require formal seconds, or is it just an
> informative change?

I think the effort to have this proofread by debian-l10n-english at this
stage is misguided, because there are serious problems with the *standards
language* of the current draft, which makes it nearly impossible for
implementors to get things right due to the resulting ambiguities.  I
haven't reviewed the proposed diff, but I don't expect a proofreading effort
to have resulted in significant improvements.

Charles inquired privately whether I objected to this strategy, but only
waited a day before requesting proofreading from debian-l10n-english, so,

I think merging such changes (which at a glance appear to include arbitrary
preferences of word choice) is a waste of everyone's time and I'm inclined
to ignore this altogether in favor of working on the real problems with the

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