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Bug#648387: [copyright-format] English proofreading.

Hi Charles et al,

Charles Plessy wrote:

> thanks a lot Justin for the proofreading.

Thanks for making it happen!

> I read it in details and agree with
> all the changes you propose.  I therefore propose to the debian-policy team to
> apply your patch.

I agree --- after a careful look, I didn't find anything
objectionable, or even anything that seemed to change the meaning.

(Well, the "if they have a problem with the Affero GPL" line, both
before and after the change, does sound a little strange.  It would
probably be easier to understand without background if we dropped the
particular example of a license.)

> To consolidate related changes, let's wait however a little
> for additional propositions.  For instance, I would like to suggest to replace
> “dash” by “hyphen”

I disagree here.  Please file separate reports for separate proposals,
unless the text they affect and subject matter seem to overlap a lot
and the proposed text is already ready.

DEP drivers: do these changes look reasonable to you?  Policy
delegates: does this require formal seconds, or is it just an
informative change?


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