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Bug#548867: Proposed patch to update Debian Developer's Duties chapter

On Mon, 14 Mar 2011, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> > -Don't be surprised if the MIA team enters in action and ends up orphaning
> > -your packages (see <xref linkend="mia-qa" />). But you should really avoid
> > -that situation in the first place and ensure that your packages get the attention
> > -that they deserve.
> > +The MIA team might enter in action, which could end up in your packages being
> > +orphaned (see <xref linkend="mia-qa" />).
> > 
> > (I find the last sentence useless as is.)
> The phrase "enter in action" sounds really weird.  Is it supposed to
> mean something like "also get involved", so perhaps more correct wording
> might be:
> +The MIA team might also get involved, which could result in your
> +packages being orphaned (see <xref linkend="mia-qa" />).

Adopted, thanks.

> Also, is it true that the MIA team would orphan all of your packages in
> this case, or just the one that had the unattended RC bug?  If it would
> just be the one then we should say that.

It depends... but usually when the MIA team does the orphaning it's
because the maintainer has not responded and then all packages are orphaned.

(If the maintainer replies, then nothing is orphaned but the MIA team will
usually try to incite you to take fewer responsibilities so that you can
do a better job with the remaining packages.)

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