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Bug#548867: Proposed patch to update Debian Developer's Duties chapter

On Fri, 11 Mar 2011, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Yes, I think that the release is important, and no, I do not think that we
> should write vague encouragements the Developers reference. I think that it is
> a place for precise informations, not for morale lessons.

I think that my patch contains precise information on what developers
should do.

Nowhere in your comments have you shown that my wording implies "morale

> Most of the contents of Raphaël's patch is to speak in the name of the Release,
> Security and QA teams, I think that it would be much saner if these teams would
> propose some content themselves. And if they do not, isn't it a sign that it is
> not needed ?

It's a sign that few people like to write documentation and the
volunteers in those teams prefer to do invest their time in other ways.
But I will mail the release team.

> I do not who asked you to comment, but I think that it would be more constructive
> if that person took on his own time to improve Raphaël's patch.

I asked him to comment because the DPL is the most representative person
that I could think of.

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