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Policy bugs awaiting language crafting

If you're cc'd on this message, you're one of the people who volunteered
to write language for Policy bugs.

I've finished categorizing all the open bugs against debian-policy, and I
believe that the tags now correctly reflect the status of the bug, or are
at least close.  That means that all the bugs tagged proposal have, I
believe, (possibly rough) consensus on what should be done and are
awaiting a concrete wording proposal for further discussion or merging.

You should therefore be able to go to:


and get a nice list of bugs that just need someone to write up language,
from which you can select any bug that doesn't already have an owner.
Note that some bugs are marked as blocked by other bugs; those are cases
where there will be substantial overlap of wording, and hence substantial
merge conflicts, if you start writing wording before the other bug is
resolved.  You probably want to skip those for now.

The consensus may or may not be entirely obvious to someone other than me,
so if you read through the bug and are left wondering why I thought it was
ready for wording, please do feel free to mail me and ask what I was
thinking.  :)

There's a wide variety of stuff here in terms amount of effort required,
ranging from a virtual package entry to "document triggers."  Feel free to
start small; I usually do.  Getting a few smaller bugs finished off helps
build a feeling of momentum.

If you decide to work on wording for a bug, please mark yourself as the
owner of that bug in the BTS so that we don't duplicate effort.  (Note
also that this means you will block other people from working on the bug
by taking ownership, so if you end up running out of time, please do use
"noowner" to remove the owner annotation again.)

Everyone is, of course, invited to help, even if you're not cc'd!

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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