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Notes from Policy BoF at DebConf10

Here are my notes from the Policy BoF at DebConf10.  They're rather sparse
since I wrote them down from memory afterwards rather than taking them at
the time, so others should definitely add anything that I missed that they

Manoj proposes making each normative requirement in Policy a separate
XML entity, which allows building different merged documents in
different orders incorporating all or some of those rules.  Those
sections could have separate rationales that are informative, and
pseudocode for how to check for compliance.

Policy should be readable as a consistent English document, but the
overall text could be informative and embed the informative rules.

General feeling that Policy would benefit from being broken into
more sub-documents.  Russ wants to split out the discussion of
maintainer scripts and then merge that with the work previously
done on diagrams.  Other thoughts could be shared libraries, X

Steve and Colin volunteered to write language for particular Policy
proposals that just need wording proposed if I point them at the
relevant bugs.  If anyone else similarly volunteers, send me e-mail.

Go through the bug list and categorize issue vs. discussion vs.
proposal properly so that they can work from the proposed queue.

Freeze Policy language for a human-readable rewrite and reorganization,
and separating things out into separate documents.  Maybe with the
squeeze freeze?  Given people advance notice to get major work into
Policy before we do this.  Probably need to incorporate the large
pending work first.

Action items:

* rra: find Manoj's example Docbook document and send to the list
* rra: review bugs and categorize correctly for proposal stage
* vorlon, cjwatson: write language for proposal bugs
* all: freeze Policy wording and do the general restructuring

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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