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Bug#554194: ifupdown virtual package name and mass-filing (if accepted)

also sprach Wouter Verhelst <w@uter.be> [2009.11.04.1906 +0100]:
> Supporting --verbose might be a different issue, and depending on how
> it's used, might be a bad idea to support from ipcfg. If the --verbose
> output is just used to log stuff or give a user more information, then
> that doesn't matter, and I intend to have a --verbose output option,
> anyhow. If these commands are parsed and executed somewhere else, it
> might be possible to make sure the --verbose option does some output
> that these tools can parse, too, but it's an edge case. If the tools try
> to parse that information to figure out how to bring an interface down
> again later or some such, then they're really exploiting the fact that
> ifupdown exposes much about its internals, and it might be said that the
> statement that they "don't care about how it's done" is no longer true
> for these tools.

I don't think we need to cater for people parsing --verbose output.

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