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Bug#545548: debian-policy package should include a pointer to http://wiki.debian.org/PolicyChangesProcess

On Sat, Sep 12 2009, Russ Allbery wrote:

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
>>         Fair enough. I am including a README.txt (I also have a
>>  README.html from the same source, which I am not posting here, in order
>>  not to get distracted by font and color issues).
>>         How does the following look?
> I suspect that the process document is even more important than the
> mechanics of maintenance, although it does make sense to me to have
> both of them in the package.

        I'll encode that one in as well, and see about the hyperlink.

> I'm not a big fan of wikis in general -- I mostly use them with minor
> grumbling when the people I'm working with want them --

        My sentiments exactly.

> so I'm happy personally to have all this information canonically live
> in the debian-policy package instead of the wiki.  But we obviously
> don't want to try to maintain it in two places.  Were you thinking of
> turning the wiki page into a pointer to the package, or did you have a
> cross-conversion or cross-update method in mind?

        I am writing the sources of this in a mode that I can turn into
 text as well as html, and I was planning on just adding it to the html
 files produced by the policy package, as well as a set of .txt  files
 in /usr/share/doc. Once we have released that, and the html files are
 live on the web, we can turn the wiki pages into pointers to them.

        I would be happy to maintain these  documents in the package
 itself, and we can decide on the css (my current css received a number
 of negative reviews about fonts and colors, but I am sure there are
 plenty of people who can who can show me the error of my ways here).

        I'll send another email with the process document as text/xhtml)

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