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Bug#514919: Removing support for uploads to multiple distributions

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 19:20 -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Here's a proposed patch that limits the footnote to only discussing the
> values that go into *.changes files, removes extraneous information about
> the relative risk of unstable vs. testing, and mentions the other values
> commonly seen in the Distribution field for Debian packages.
> I also lifted the note that the Debian archive software doesn't support
> multiple distributions into the main text instead of a footnote, since it
> isn't just informative information.
> +		    The <em>testing</em> distribution, which cannot be
> +		    uploaded to directly, normally receives its packages
> +		    from the <em>unstable</em> distribution after a short
> +		    time lag.  However sometimes, such as during release
> +		    freezes before a new stable release or when a problem
> +		    in the <em>testing</em> distribution requires fixing
> +		    before the <em>unstable</em> version can migrate,
> +		    direct uploads to <em>testing</em> are useful.  This
> +		    distribution value is used for those exceptions.

That section sounds slightly strange to me.  It starts by saying that
one cannot upload directly to testing, and finishes by indicating that a
distribution of t-p-u is used to upload directly to testing.

Maybe something like

+		    before the <em>unstable</em> version can migrate,
+		    direct updates to a package in <em>testing</em> are useful.
+		    This distribution value is used for these exceptions,
+		    after approval from the release managers.


> +		  <em>stable-security</em> and <em>testing-security<em>
                                                                      ^ /

The rest looks good to me; thanks.


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