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Re: gnome, kde, xfce use non-policy main menu

On Wed, Jul 09, 2008 at 01:11:54PM +0200, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) wrote:

> The OnlyShowIn field of .desktop files, is meant exactly for the above use

Ok, that's new.  Sounds like a step in the right direction.

> Anybody know of any other concrete worries?

There's also the ?package field (pretty basic, doesn't always match
the enclosing package) and the hints.

> On 2008-07-09, Chris Waters wrote:
> > Debian menus are generated.  There's no advantage in generating them
> > from .desktop files, 

> the advantage would be that for the growing amount of programs for which 
> upstream already includes .desktop files (complete with translations), 
> Debian doesn't need to create/maintain one.

We'd still have to review them to make sure they meet policy (and
that, for example, the ?package field is set correctly), and we still
have to generate menus, meaning the input format still doesn't matter.
If you want to take advantage of upstream's work in such cases, the
simpler thing to do would be to create a tool that converts .desktop
files into Debian menu files.  That should be _at least_ 100x less
work than rewriting the whole menu generator yet again.

I could probably write a .desktop->menu converter in a couple of
hours.  Ask Bill how long it would take to rewrite menu.  Then ask
yourself how long it would take to replace the existing menu files in
all packages in the system.

Anyone else got any actual reasons for switching?

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