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Bug#218893: An array of type containing all custom attributes of the specified type.

[H]<u><g>[e] [N]{e}[w][s] To Impa`ct <C>(Y)[T](V)

Chin^a You*TV <C><o>[r]<p>{.} Symbol`: [C]<Y>{T}<V> We (h)<a>[v]{e} al`ready [s][e]<e>(n) CYT,V's marke-t impa-ct be.fore climbin,-g to {o}(v)(e)[r] $*2.00 (w)(i)(t)(h) {n}<e>(w)<s>[.] Pre+ss Rel-ease: Chin+a Yo`uTV's CnBo+o {W}{e}[b] {S}(i){t}{e} Ra.nks (N){o}(.){1} on Mi.croso^ft <L>{i}{v}{e} Sear^ch Eng`ine C,nBoo T*raffic I--ncreases [4](9)<%> {O}[v]{e}[r] [T]{w}<o> Mon^ths

(R){e}<a>(d) <t>[h][e] ne,ws, t.hink ab-out (t)(h)[e] imp^act, and

[j]{u}<m><p> on (t)(h){i}(s) f-irst th#ing T.o_morrow mo*rni`ng! $0.4_2 is a <g>{i}[f]{t} at {t}(h)<i>(s) p#rice,..... Do (y){o}(u)<r> ho_mewo-rk <a>[n]<d> wa*tch <t>{h}[i][s] trad+e Mon*day morn.ing.

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