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Re: Debian Packaging Handbook project

On Wed, 8 Aug 2007 14:22:55 +0200, Luca Brivio <lucab83@infinito.it> said: 

> This make sense to me. These two documents should be
> enough. Sub-policies that don't fit the Policy Manual should be
> included (at least at a first stage) in the wiki-based
> handbook. Furthermore, the New Maintainers' Guide should remain as a
> simple tutorial, yet the official one.

        There is a proposal in the rewrite of the policy manual (*sigh*,
 hopefully deadline pressure from work will yield soon) to allow for an
 overarching policy multi-part book using docbook XML; with the
 technical policy manual as one of the parts, and including any other
 manual as well.

        The idea is to set up the infrastructure to be able to re-order
 the manual either by priority (MUST follow, SHOULD follow, RECOMMENDED,
 MAY follow), or by topic, and allow for flexible ordering of the policy

        The format proposed was to create an XML entity for each policy
 rule; (or smallest atomic unit of the manual, if not rule based), and
 annotate it with title, version, priority, subject area.

        If new re-writes of policy like texts can follow a common
 standard, it would make it easy for people to re-order manuals on the
 fly, print out subsets, and for sub projects and derivatives to add
 their specific policies seamlessly.

        If we can also achieve a closer relationship betweeen a policy
 doc, and a package checker like lintian/linda; then people can get a
 polic checking done based on the policy manuals included in the base
 policy spec they are using.

        I am very swamped at the moment, from my day job, so I have been
 working on this proposal at a far slower rate than I would like.

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