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Re: Debian Menu policy leads to confusion

Bill Allombert wrote:

>> Another alternative would be:
>> Screen/Security - for locking
>> Screen/Power    - for blanking the screen
> I don't think anybody will guess what that means...
> (Especially if the Screen Security team start to wear "Screen Power!"
> tee-shirt).

Yes, that could be a problem. :)

Another try: Screen/Locking, Screen/Saving.

>> [ What concerns actual daemons, I see no point in having them in menu at
>> all. If you have to look at output of "ps" in a terminal to see if it is
>> running, would it be too hard to type in the name of said daemon in the
>> same terminal? Anyways, this is only my point of view. ]
> Daemons really mean programs that does not require user interaction, for
> example xsnow, xhangglider, p2p clients etc.
> It should be possible to provide a pair of menu entry that start and
> stop the service.

I am not against them in any way. They are very useful for things like
xhangglider, xdesktowaves and the like. I was concerned about things
like xscreensaver daemon that provide absolutely no visual feedback in
most circumstances.

I was only trying to say that there might be a better solution, which
somebody may come up with in the future.

> I think we should keep the spirit of the current classification:
> We have Arcade for games that require the player to be fast,
> Strategy for gamer where timeis not an issue, 
> Cards for games that require the player to deal with cards, etc.
> Whether the game plot is sci-fi or heroic fantasy or two-headed
> dinosaurs, is less important because there is too much possible plot to
> be organised in a menu.

Point taken. Fixed.

Unless there is something obviously wrong with the draft, I guess it is
now ready for public announcement on debian-devel. The "translate_menu"
file is also almost done. Did I forget anything?



Applications [was:Apps]
Normal applications. This is top level
section, do not put entries here.

 Accessibility [new]
 Tools to aid people with disabilities or
 on machines lacking usual input devices.
 gok, yasr, dasher

 Data Management [new]
 Interactive database programs, collection
 managers, bibliography tools etc.
 gaby, alexandria, mdbtools

 Editors, other than office word processors,
 for text based information.
 ksubtile, nano, hexedit

 Educational [was:Education]
 Educational and training software.
 gtypist, gcompris, quiz

 Software that allows you to run non-native
 software or more than one OS at a time.
 wine, dosemu, qemu

 File Management [new]
 Tools for file management, archiving,
 searching, CD/DVD burning and backup.
 file-roller, mc, baobab

 2D and 3D graphics manipulation software.
 gimp, inkscape, imagemagick

 HAM Radio [was:Hamradio]
 Anything relating to HAM radio.
 baken, hamsoft, twlog

 Mathematical [was:Math]
 Mathematics related software.
 gcalctool, snapea, xeukleides

 Mobile Devices [new]
 Software that allows you to interface
 with mobile devices (phones, PDA's etc.).
 kandy, gnokii, gnome-pilot

 Network [was:Net]
 Network related software. This is three level
 menu, do not put entries in second (this) level.

   Network/Communication [new]
   Chat, instant messaging, IP telephony,
   video conferencing software.
   xchat, gaim, gnomemeeting

   Network/File Transfer [new]
   File transfer software such as download
   managers, FTP clients, P2P clients.
   amule, gftp, d4x

   Network/Mail [new]
   Mail and Usenet readers, mail
   notification applets etc.
   mutt, thunderbird, tin

   Network/Monitoring [new]
   Network monitoring software.
   gip, ettercap, iptstate

   Network/News [new]
   Newsfeed and podcast agregators.
   akregator, kitty, liferea

   Network/Web Browsing [new]
   Web browsers, tools for offline browsing.
   elinks, epiphany-browser, webhttrack

 Office [new]
 Office suites, word processors, spreadsheets,
 address books, CRM, ERP, financial sofware.
 openoffice.org, tinyerp-client, rubrica

 IDEs, debuggers, etc.
 anjuta, gdb, eclipse

 Project Management [new]
 Timetable managers, group task trackers,
 bug tracking software, UML tools etc.
 planner, tcm, gnotime

 Scientific [was:Science]
 Programs for science, natural and other.
 ncbi-epcr, earth3d, therion

 Various shells to be used inside a terminal emulator.
 bash, ksh, zsh

 Sound players, editors and rippers/recorders.
 beep-media-player, grip, audacity

 System related software. This is three level
 menu, do not put entries in second (this) level.

   System/Administration [was:Admin]
   Administrative and system configuration utilities,
   also tools for personal user settings.
   gnome-control-center, configure-debian, gksu

   System/Hardware [new]
   Tools for manipulating specific hardware,
   especially non-standard laptop hardware.
   toshutils, nvclock-gtk, nvtv

   System/Language Environment [was:Language-Environment]
   This section is reserved to language-env as a special case.

   System/Monitoring [new]
   System information and monitoring tools, log viewers.
   top, hal-device-manager, gtkdiskfree

   System/Package Management [new]
   Package managers and related tools.
   aptitude, deborphan, smartpm

   System/Security [new]
   Security, cryptography and privacy related software,
   antiviruses, tools to track and report bugs.
   gpgkeys, bastille, avscan

 Engineering related software. This is three level
 menu, do not put entries in second (this) level.

   Technical/Electronics [new]
   Circuit design tools, simulators and
   assemblers for microprocessors etc.
   geda, gnucap, tkgate

   Technical/Engineering [new]
   CAD tools and other technical software
   not directly related to electronics.
   gpsman, qcad, pythoncad

 Terminal Emulators [was:XShells]
 Terminal emulators - graphical terminals.
 xterm, gnome-terminal, rxvt

 Text oriented tools like dictionaries, OCR,
 translation and text analysis software etc.
 kdrill, stardict, turkey

 TV and Radio [new]
 TV-in, TV-out, FM radio, teletext browsers etc.
 gradio, gatos, alevt

 Software for viewing images, documents
 and other (not video) media.
 gqview, evince, gthumb

 Video [new]
 Video players, editors and rippers/recorders.
 istanbul, totem, kino

 Web Development [new]
 Software for web site editing, web
 programming and site administration.
 bluefish, screem, gphpedit

Games and recreations. This is top
level section, do not put entries here.

 Role playing and adventure games,
 interactive movies and stories.
 beneath-a-steel-sky, egoboo, kq

 Games that involve a lot of action
 and require fast reflexes.
 xsoldier, supertux, xmoto

 Blocks [was:Tetris-like]
 Tetris-like games involving falling blocks.
 crack-attack, frozen-bubble, netris

 Games played on a board.
 phalanx, xshogi, xboard

 Games involving a deck of cards.
 pysol, ace-of-penguins, xpat2

 Tests of ingenuity and logic.
 xmpuzzles, sgt-puzzles, enigma

 Simulations of the real world
 in all detail and complexity.
 flightgear, torcs, [fillme]

 Games derived from real world sports.
 billard-gl, csmash, asciijump

 Games involving long term strategic thinking.
 wesnoth, widelands, netpanzer

 Tools [new]
 Server browsers, configurators, editors and other
 game related tools that are not games themselves.
 xqf, crystalspace, [fillme]

 Amusements, eye-candy, entertaining
 demos, screen hacks (screenavers) etc.
 xdesktopwaves, xphoon, xpenguins

Programs that provide user documentation. Can (and
should) also contain entries for important documents.
debian-reference, apt-howto, dhelp

Programs that affect the whole screen. This
is top level section, do not put entries here.

 Saving [was:Save]
 Tools for blanking the screen. Entries of screen hacks and
 configuration GUIs should go to other appropriate sections.
 xscreensaver, xlockmore, [fillme]

 Locking [was:Lock]
 Tools for locking the screen.
 xscreensaver, xlockmore, [fillme]

Window Managers [was:WindowManagers]
X window managers.
fluxbox, metacity, waimea

Modules [was:WindowManagers/Modules]
Window manager modules. As only modules related to running
WM are showed, do not create subsections for specific WMs.
fvwm, fvwm-gnome, wmaker

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