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Re: Debian Menu policy leads to confusion

Bill Allombert wrote:

This is icons and translations. Both are going to be handled specially
and I won't be able to accept their addition until the special way is implemented. I won't repeat the detail in this thread, but feel free
to ask for them if you cannot find them in the archive.

Does it mean that this is being worked on? I have found quite a bit of posts regarding this issue, but most date back a couple of years. Unfortunately, I do not know what exactly should I be looking for.

I don't know. Properly they are "terminal emulators".

Yes, that probably is the most correct term, but not the most appropriate one in this case. If it was Applications > Terminal Emulators, that would be fine. But this is a top level entry, so when I select it, I expect an emulated terminal. Not some specific application, but simply a command line prompt. Hence "Terminals".

On the other hand, this might mean that it should not be a top level section. Maybe moving them to Applications is actually a good idea? We could then have a single top level entry called "Terminal" that would execute x-terminal-emulator.

I would take the opportunuity to rename the Screen hierarchy something
sane ("lock" and "save" meanings are not obvious).

How about "Lockers"[1] and "Savers"[2]? Everybody knows what a term "screensaver" refers to. Locker could mean a drawer or a cupboard for native English speakers, though. Or maybe not.

[1] Screen/Lockers
[2] Screen/Savers

I don't know. The root window background is almost the only thing that can be customisedindepdendently of the wm/desktop.

Apart from xsetroot (that I bet nobody uses), these use "Root-window":

* xphoon - sets the root window to a picture of the moon
* xplanet - render images of the earth
* chbg - tool for changing the desktop background image in X11
* root-portal - Monitors the system and displays the results on the desktop
* chameleon - Application for putting pictures or color in the root window
* wallp - GTK+ and Imlib based app for periodically updating root of X

The question is, do they really deserve a separate section? (8 entries in total) The ability to draw to root window does not indicate the purpose of an application. Many can do that. Many do. Most are in different sections.

WM Modules are a bit special because they use a custom needs field which
ensure the modules are only listed when the matching wm is running.

FVWM modules can be arbitrary apps.

I see.

I think they should go in a separate section, but I find hard to find
the Modules subsection (on my laptop) because it is drowned under 45
window-managers entries.  There are others wm-specific menu entries that
often end up in the Window Managers sections and suffer the same

Maybe allow WM specific top level entries? Something like "Configuration" in Fluxbox root menu. These could be named after WM that uses them (for example "FVWM"), or simply "Modules". A person running a WM that uses modules can be expected to know what they are.

I was wondering if it is fine to make "Apps/System/Language-Environment" official? It is used only by language-env, but creates 19 entries and seems to be quite popular according to popcon.

Maybe it is better to reserve it to language-env.  But of course it
should still be translated.

Included this in draft:

 System/Language Environment [was:Language-Environment]
 This section is reserved to language-env as a special case.

By the way, I posted "Games" draft to pkg-games-devel, as I find it hard to work on. From all the changes I made, I am only certain about renaming "Tetris-like" to "Blocks". "Tetris" is a trademark and should not be used.


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