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Re: Debian Menu policy leads to confusion

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 10:37:09PM +0200, Linas Zvirblis wrote:
> Bill Allombert wrote:
> >More precisely which field would be needed ?
> I was thinking about Name[locale], GenericName[locale] and 
> Comment[locale]. Also maybe adding icon24x24, icon48x48 and iconSVG (or 
> some of them) could be useful for fancy desktop environments.

This is icons and translations. Both are going to be handled specially
and I won't be able to accept their addition until the special way is 
implemented. I won't repeat the detail in this thread, but feel free
to ask for them if you cannot find them in the archive.

> Important changes:
> * Renamed "WindowManagers" to "Window Managers".
> * Renamed "XShells" to "Terminals" as this is a more common way they are 
> referred to, or so it seems to me.

I don't know. Properly they are "terminal emulators".

> * Renamed "Root-window" to "Root Window".

I would take the opportunuity to rename the Screen hierarchy something
sane ("lock" and "save" meanings are not obvious).

> * Included "Applications/System/Language Environment" section.
> * Included "Screen/Capture" section.
> "Root Window" should be removed, in my opinion. It does not contain many 
> entries and ones it contains can probably go to other sections. xplanet 
> can go into "Games/Toys", chbg - to "Administration" and Xsetroot entry 
> is more malicious than useful.

I don't know. The root window background is almost the only thing that 
can be customisedindepdendently of the wm/desktop.

> Window manager modules seem to be misplaced, because most of them are 
> simply window manager specific configuration items and therefore should 
> go to "Administration" as a 4-th level subsection.
> I did not change these in the draft yet, because I am not aware of the 
> reasons they were created in the first place.

WM Modules are a bit special because they use a custom needs field which
ensure the modules are only listed when the matching wm is running.

FVWM modules can be arbitrary apps.

I think they should go in a separate section, but I find hard to find
the Modules subsection (on my laptop) because it is drowned under 45
window-managers entries.  There are others wm-specific menu entries that
often end up in the Window Managers sections and suffer the same

> I was wondering if it is fine to make "Apps/System/Language-Environment" 
> official? It is used only by language-env, but creates 19 entries and 
> seems to be quite popular according to popcon.

Maybe it is better to reserve it to language-env.  But of course it
should still be translated.


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