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Re: Bug#310113: [VIRTUAL PACKAGE] SRFI 22 names for Scheme implementations

Jorgen Schaefer <forcer@debian.org> writes:

> This is the bug report to create the virtual packages mentioned in
> the policy at
> http://people.debian.org/~forcer/debian-scheme-policy/debian-scheme-policy.html/
> The names and short descriptions are:
> scheme-r4rs             Scheme interpreter with the R4RS environment
> scheme-r5rs             Scheme interpreter with the R5RS environment
> scheme-ieee-11878-1900  Scheme interpreter with the IEEE-11878-1900 environment
> scheme-srfi-0           Scheme interpreter accepting the SRFI 0 language extension
> scheme-srfi-7           Scheme interpreter accepting the SRFI 7 language
> scheme-srfi-55          Scheme interpreter accepting the SRFI 55 language extension

After one week of no discussion on debian-devel or here, I just
retitled this as ACCEPTED. That means that these names and
descriptions are the "consensus" reached as required by

Thanks to everyone who participated both in the original private
discussion between Scheme implementation maintainers and on these

        -- Jorgen

Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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