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Bug#310113: [VIRTUAL PACKAGE] SRFI 22 names for Scheme implementations

Package: debian-policy
Severity: wishlist

The Scheme Request For Implementation (SRFI) process has in SRFI
22 standardized multiple binary names for the interpretation of
Scheme scripts. This led to the creation of a small policy
for Scheme programs posted to debian-devel:


No replies were received.

This is the bug report to create the virtual packages mentioned in
the policy at

The names and short descriptions are:

scheme-r4rs             Scheme interpreter with the R4RS environment
scheme-r5rs             Scheme interpreter with the R5RS environment
scheme-ieee-11878-1900  Scheme interpreter with the IEEE-11878-1900 environment
scheme-srfi-0           Scheme interpreter accepting the SRFI 0 language extension
scheme-srfi-7           Scheme interpreter accepting the SRFI 7 language
scheme-srfi-55          Scheme interpreter accepting the SRFI 55 language extension

I will repost and wait some time whether any discussion happens
this time.

        -- Jorgen

Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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