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Re: upstream field in package description

* Christian Schoenebeck [Fri, 13 May 2005 21:41:46 +0200]:

> IMO at least the upstream source field should become mandatory for Debian 
> packages in future. On some packages it's really not that easy to trace back 
> the original upstream source, because not every maintainer is adding that to 
> the copyright or README.Debian file.

> What do you think?

  That if a package does not contain those two bits of information in
  the copyright file (author and where to get the source), you should
  file a serious bug against the package, since the Debian Policy §12.5
  mandates that such information must be present.

> I would like to ask for adding a new field to Debian package descriptions 
> which defines the upstream source of a package, that is the location where 
> the original sources were downloaded and probably optional as another field 
> the upstream authors, like:

> Upstream-Source: http://www.getithere.org
> Upstream-Author: Foo Crew <foocrew@getithere.org>

  Hence no need for this, its place is not the description but the
  copyright file, already.


Adeodato Simó
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