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Bug#212034: Debian Perl Policy manual uses "dependency" backwards

On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 08:57:16PM -0400, Daniel B. wrote:

> Since the other package is not dependent on perl, then by your own
> dictionary's definition, the other package is not a dependency of 
> perl.  (Any divergence between us yet?)

This is your point of error.  The dependency belongs to perl, that's
why it's a dependency OF perl's.  If the other package had the
dependency, then it would be a dependency ON perl, not "of".

I am dependent on coffee, therefore coffee is a dependency of mine.

Strictly speaking, I think there may be a missing "'s" in perl policy
there, i.e. it should say, "a dependency of perl's", not "a dependency
of perl", but the meaning doesn't actually change.  It's just a little
more awkward (and somewhat more colloquial) the way it's currently

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