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Bug#212034: Debian Perl Policy manual uses "dependency" backwards

On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 08:57:16PM -0400, Daniel B. wrote:
> Then you consider "a dependency of perl" (as used above) to mean
> "a package on which perl depends," right?
> If so (sorry for all the conditionals), then:
> As you quoted, your dictionary says that "that which is dependent" 
> is a dependency.
> So let's consider perl and a package on which perl depends.
> The other package does not depend on perl, so the other package is 
> not dependent.  (Agreed?)
> Since the other package is not dependent on perl, then by your own
> dictionary's definition, the other package is not a dependency of 
> perl.  (Any divergence between us yet?)

Here's where you go wrong. You shifted from "on perl" to "of perl" -
nothing to do with the word "dependency"; rather, you have inverted
the direction of the preposition.

The "dependencies of perl" are the contents of the Depends line in the
perl package.

The "dependencies on perl" are the packages which contain perl in
their own Depends lines.

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