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Re: Bug#211622: propose new virtual package: libxaw-dev

Hi, Craig P. Steffen wrote:
> However, reading the debian policy manual sections 3.6 and 7.4, it seems to
> me to be a perfectly reasonable thing to do.  The real packages libxaw6-dev
> and libxaw7-dev exist, and are listed as Providing libxaw-dev.

The problem is that there's no way for the autobuilder to know which
package they should use for building your program. So it either chooses
one randomly, or dies with an error.

Even if I convince it to choose the more current libxaw7-dev, that's not
enough. What if I find a bug and decide to rebuild the package locally? If
I happen to have libxaw6-dev already installed, the build will proceed
happily, but yield a wholly different package, probably with different
bugs.  :-/

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