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Bug#208010: [PROPOSAL] init script LSB 1.3 compliance (revised)

On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 12:48:58PM +0200, Martin Godisch wrote:
> > > + Otherwise, the init script should print an error message and return
> > > +	    one of the following non-zero exit status codes.
> > 
> > Rationale for the whole elaborate list,
> Following closely the wording of the LSB, as the rest of that policy
> chapter already does.

Actually it's the other way around really :)

Does LSB have a rationale for its list?

> > and in particular rationale why it
> > would be a bug if they weren't honored exactly to the spec?
> What do you consider not honoring the spec in that case? exit 1 is still
> present and wouldn't be a bug.

That begs the question, why proclaim it if it's not going to be used?

> > > * What is log_failure_msg? Does this make sense on a Debian system?
> > >   Replace it or skip it?
> I let it there so it can be replaced with some Debian equivalent, which
> I'm not aware of. Since you are neither, it's probably a good idea to
> remove it.

Maybe you should look into it and find out what it means? Sounds like an
abstraction for syslog logging.

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