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Re: aren't software authors misestimated?

On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 04:03:36PM +0200, Michele Alessandrini wrote:

> I appreciate every feedback from every single user, and I think that
> only that feedback can bring an application to higher levels.

It sounds like you have a specific complaint, and you're trying to
make a general complaint.  I assure you that *most* Debianers are
quite diligent about passing along anything of interest to their
upstream contacts (complaints *or* praise).  If you feel that the
person who is maintaining your package is not doing so, then you
should first take it up with that person.  And if that provides no
satisfaction, maybe post your complaints to the debian-devel or
debian-project lists.  One of the duties of a Debian package
maintainer is to try to maintain a good relationship with upstream.

But it's not like most of us are deluged with feedback either.  If
you're not getting anything forwarded from your Debian packager, it
may be because there's nothing to forward.

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