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Re: Bug#172436: followup on browser proposal

> This proposal is probably great for unintegrated environments, but some
> sort of exception should be made for integrated ones.

The funny thing is that this proposal is just a reworking of section
12.4 of policy which deals with editors and pagers. If we have
integrated environments in debian that would fall afoul of that
particular wording for browsers, they probably would for editors and
pagers too. 

It's amusing that nobody worried about that at all, while adding such
integrated environments to Debian[1]. Maybe the maintainers of such
environments should get policy fixed to explicitly allow for them in
section 12.4 and elsewhere. 

Or perhaps we should just assume that the "every program should choose a
good default" paragraph lets common sense be used here.

see shy jo

[1] Then again, the maintainers of such environments have historically
    disregared or badly implemented other important bits of policy,
    like 10.6.

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