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Bug#172436: followup on browser proposal

(Please restrict followups to the bug report, it's a PITA to have to go
back and search debian-policy for discussion relating to a proposal.)

Colin Walters wrote:
> >   If the BROWSER environment variable is not set, the program should use
> > | /usr/bin/x-www-browser if DISPLAY is set,
> This, I have a big issue with.  Let's say I have a multiuser system
> where I install GNOME and KDE.  Now, suppose konqueror registers itself
> at a higher priority for this alternative for whatever random reason. 
> Then whenver I'm in GNOME and click on a website, by default konqueror
> will be launched, which is broken.  Likewise, if I'm in KDE, epiphany
> shouldn't be launched, at least by default. I hope I don't have to
> elaborate on the reasons why this is broken; it has been discussed in
> the past.
> This proposal is probably great for unintegrated environments, but some
> sort of exception should be made for integrated ones.

You cut out the bit that says

  In addition, programs should choose a good default web browser if none
  is selected by the user or system administrator.
I don't mind changing "the program should use" to "the program can use",
that was intended as advice, not a command.

see shy jo

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