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Bug#194974: [PROPOSAL] add Games/Simulation to menu subpolicy

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 10:40:52AM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:

> > I've also got "Air Traffic Controller" (atc) and "Sail" under
> > Games/Simulation (plus "Railroad Tycoon 2" and "Simcity 3k").

> These aren't in Debian, at least not that I can see...

The former two are part of the bsdgames package.  (The latter two are
not in Debian, which is why I had them in parentheses.)

> > I think csmash and gtkpool should move to Sports, as should gav, race,
> > trophy, tuxkart and tuxracer.  I think lincity, acm/acm4, gl-117, and
> > sabre/xsabre should move to Simulation, as, possibly, should freeciv.

> This would limit Games/Simulation to simulations of airplanes and life (or
> whatever that's called).

Lincity and freeciv?  

And, so?  Most of the simulators we have right now *are* flight
simulators.  That's what people have written.  But with the popularity
of The Sims, I expect to see more and different free simulation games
in the not-to-distant future.  OTOH, I share the doubt that Conway's
Life belongs in Simulations -- I think Toys might be more appropriate.

> I don't see the reason why billards/pool games fit in sports and
> airplane simulations do.

(I assume you meant "airplane simulations don't".)

Sports usually involve competition.  An airplane racing game (as
opposed to a more typical flight simulator) might well fit in Sports.

I think a good rule of thumb would be, if you can imagine Television
Sports News Reporters covering a real-life game of this sort, then
perhaps it could/should go in Games/Sports.  (Obviously my own
battleball package is pushing the line here, but I think it fits.)

> Neither of them are Olympic, for example[1]. Motocross games could
> fit in Games/Simulation as well.

There are lots of potential cases for overlap already; most of these
games *could* go in Arcade or Strategy too, but Arcade and Strategy
are overcrowded as it is.  I don't think a little a little ambiguity
(and flexibility) will kill us.  Chess could go in Strategy, but we
put our chess games in Games/Board.

> I said "I think the notion of games-slash-sports is kinda silly."
> and that's that.

In the world of video games, sports-games is a huge and very popular
category.  We don't have very many yet in Debian, but again, I think
it may grow.  In fact, I have a couple of projects along this line in
the planning stage myself.

> Just a vague feeling.

Well, I'm not firmly tied to any of this either, really.  Just tossing
out ideas for debate.

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