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Bug#194974: [PROPOSAL] add Games/Simulation to menu subpolicy

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 04:47:01PM -0700, Chris Waters wrote:
> > Here the odds:
> > Sports: asciijump battleball billard-gl flying    foobillard
> >         (ski)     (ball)     (billard)  (billard) (billard)
> > Simulation: achilles  csmash       flightgear  gtkpool   matrem   xlife
> >            (lifesim) (tennistable) (flightsim) (billard) (lifesim) (life game)
> I've also got "Air Traffic Controller" (atc) and "Sail" under
> Games/Simulation (plus "Railroad Tycoon 2" and "Simcity 3k").

These aren't in Debian, at least not that I can see...

> I think csmash and gtkpool should move to Sports, as should gav, race,
> trophy, tuxkart and tuxracer.  I think lincity, acm/acm4, gl-117, and
> sabre/xsabre should move to Simulation, as, possibly, should freeciv.

This would limit Games/Simulation to simulations of airplanes and life (or
whatever that's called). I don't see the reason why billards/pool games fit
in sports and airplane simulations do. Neither of them are Olympic, for
example[1]. Motocross games could fit in Games/Simulation as well.

> As for the argument that "sport" and "game" are synonyms, that's
> silly.  Yes, one definition of sport is the same as one definition of
> game, but that's just one definition, and not even the most popular.

I did not say that they are synonymous (I only facetiously mentioned that
Webster 1913 has one such definition -- and anyone with a hint of clue knows
that 1913 means the year when it was made :P) and I did not say that this
was the argument for the removal of any section. I said "I think the notion
of games-slash-sports is kinda silly." and that's that. Just a vague

     2. That which causes joy or happiness.

[1] and again, I am not implying that whether a sport is in the Olympic
Games is a definitive standard for whatever!

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