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Re: Modernising menu manual icons requirement

On ke, 2003-05-14 at 01:45, Joey Hess wrote:
> icon size and screen resolution continues to be all over the map from
> what I can see

Indeed. With people using tiny laptops with 640x480 pixel screens to
people using high-end workstations with two (or three?) multi-megapixel
screens, there isn't any one size that will fit all.

What Gnome, OS X, and KDE do is to provide icons in a large size that is
then automatically scaled to the desired size. This doesn't provide for
an optimal visual experience (an icon custom-designed for a given size
is likely to be better than one resized), but the drop in quality is
usually not that great, if the original icon is designed for this.

(Given that most people rarely see the icons in Debian-provided menus,
and this includes me, I don't think a radical change in Debian's policy
is needed, however.)

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