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Re: Modernising menu manual icons requirement

On Tue, 13 May 2003 21:56:35 +0200
Bill Allombert <allomber@math.u-bordeaux.fr> wrote:
>      2.   The icons may not be larger than 32x32 pixels, although
>      smaller sizes are ok.
> To accomodate with current workspace size, we could eventually
> change size in point 2 to 48x48.

I know at least two dozen people who use 48x48 icons, even though
they're not in the menu. (They're in a panel or somesuch.)

Instead of adjusting this to "48x48" to match current common practise,
upping it to 128x128 will give us a bit more leeway.

(I know one person whose icons are 64x64, so even that's not adequate.)

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