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Bug#191036: /run/, resolvconf and read-only root

This one time, at band camp, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
>This one time, at band camp, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
>>... and those who have tried to explain why it's a bad idea or have
>>concerns have been brushed off.  So I've given up for now trying to
>>explain to you folks why I'm not convinced, since I don't have time to
>>go pig mud-wrestling, but please don't assume that silence means
>I don't recall you giving a strong argument why /run was a bad idea.  I do
>recall you voicing your concern and then having your concerns addressed.  If
>that is not the case, please reiterate them.

And just to make sure, I had a look back up the thread to see what your
complaints were, and the only thing you said in this thread was on the
21st of March, msgid <20030321210459.GA27769@thunker.thunk.org> when you

>Doing this would violate the FHS....

It was replied to by Anthony Towns, who said:

>Nonsense; changes to the FHS have to first be trialled in distros,
>so adding new directories and moving things around is explicitly a
>supported part of the FHS process these days.

It seemed to me that opinion was more swayed towards giving this a try, and
seeing what happened.

I don't know what it will take to convince you, but I would like you to
answer these questions:

Do you think having programs write to /etc is a bad thing?

Where would you put /etc/mtab, to keep /etc sacrosanct?

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