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Bug#191036: create /run for programs that run before /var is mounted

On Apr 29, Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> wrote:

 >> I fully agree. I remember providing an alternative solution for all or
 >> most of the problems which /run should solve, so I'm firmly opposed to
 >> create this new, unneeded directory, which is nothing more than a
 >> gratuitous change from other linux systems.
 >"Gratuitous" would mean that it is a change for change's sake.  The
 >reasons for the change have been covered in detail; your willingness to
 >dismiss them because they're not important to your own usage patterns
 >does not make the change gratuitous.
They are gratuitous because are not needed.

 >Creating a /run directory does not make the system technically inferior
 >for any purpose, and makes it technically superior with regards to
It does, because it makes all systems more complex. And complexity is
bad it makes *all* systems more complex to maintain, instead of the
systems of the handful of people who run / ro.

(Note: I would like to run / ro too, but still believe that complicating
debian is not worth it.)

 >several.  The only downside is that it's different from what people are
 >currently familiar with and what existing programs expect, but there is
FFS! This is a huge downside...

ciao, |
Marco | [690 stBhtJlum1Xwg]

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