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Re: when can a package be made architecture-dependent?

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Colin Watson wrote:
> This is an incorrect assumption. If the package does not build on other
> architectures, then it will *not* be kept out of testing. That will only
> happen if it built once on some architecture and then stops being
> buildable.
> Declaring "Architecture: i386" because you haven't guaranteed yourself
> that it will build is wrong, and Debian porters have been fighting
> against this for years.
> > > That's not the sort of equality we're aiming for.
> > 
> > Actually, I thought that *was* the sort of equality Debian was aiming
> > for...if it breaks for any architecture, it's a serious problem that
> > everyone has to deal with.  If every Debian developer refused to support
> > architectures he/she didn't have immediate access to, non-x86 Debian would
> > disappear pretty quickly.
> Precisely.

It would be very helpful if this position were explicitly stated in Debian
Policy, especially if people have been "fighting against this for years."

Before reporting this bug, I searched the policy manual for all references
to "architecture" and found no mention of this issue...as a result,
reportbug classified the bug as "normal" and not "serious" or even


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