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docs, docs, and more docs(names of packages and location of files)

Today, I almost ran out of space on my /usr(2 gig partition).  So, when trying
to find things to remove, I turned my attention to /usr/share/doc(which
contained 380 megs).

In doing this, I found several packages that had large quantities of
documentation in a non-doc type package.  This meant that all installs of said
package had that documentation around.

Additionally, we are all aware(I hope) about the naming inconsistencies.  Some
call it -doc, some call it -docs.  Then, some place the documentation in
-doc/, while others place it in foo/.  Still others place it in -doc/, and
then have a symlink from foo/.

All this leads to end-user confusion.  What do I install to read about foo?
After I have *that* installed, where do I go to read about it?
/usr/share/doc/, but then where?

Also, there is the problem that some docs depend on their foo.deb, others

I don't have any suggestions as to the proper course of action.  However, I
would like to see some consistency applied.  So, let's open the table for

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