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Bug#159114: acknowledged by developer (Patents can't cover software in .nl after all)

reopen 159114

On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:

> Hi,
> 	The relevant law, according to:
>   http://www.ivir.nl/wetten/nl/row1995.html
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>  2. The following are not regarded inventions in the sense of this law:
>  - discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods
>  - art
>  - rules and methods for performing mental labour, playing, or
>          running a company, as well as computer programs
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 	I suppose hardware decoders etc may still be effected by that patent.

There remains the issue that _many_ Debian mirrors do mirror non-US which
means that the same issue might affect one or more of them.

Please make a separate "patented" and don't misuse non-US for this without
checking the possible legal implications in _all_ countries where servers
mirror non-US first.

> 	manoj



You only think this is a free country. Like the US the UK spends a lot of
time explaining its a free country because its a police state.
								Alan Cox

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