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Re: Bug#122996 dict-client and dict-server virtual package name

>>"Bob" == Bob Hilliard <hilliard@debian.org> writes:

 Bob>      dict-client has been added to the list of virtual packages, but
 Bob> dict-server has not.  Is this previous correspondence sufficient to
 Bob> support a request that dict-server be added, or is it necessary to
 Bob> file a new bug, request comments on -devel, etc.?

	This was an oversight. It'll be added on the next upload
 (since cooperating packages can already use the virtual package name
 in advance of policy).

	In the next few days I'll start reviewing the 70-odd wish list
 bugs on policy on this list. I certainly do not claim to have
 expertise in the myriad of technical issues covered in these bugs, so
 I'd appreciate assistance in helping determine what the proper
 disposition of these bug should be.

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